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Bella & Harry

The Musical :

Let's Vist London!

Bella & Harry The Musical: Let's Visit London! is a 50 minute touring theatrical play.   Booked by performing arts centers throughout the United States, The Musical is often part of a "Family Fun Series" run by the center.  Additionally, it can be booked by school districts who partner with their local performing arts center to offer it to their elementary school students as a cultural field trip.

The Musical is based on my book "Let's Visit London!".  The production features actual actors who portray Bella and Harry and original musical compositions are performed.  Some of the songs performed are "Big Ben Boogie", "Stonehenge Rocks" and "Tea Time For Two."  Additionally, all actors in The Musical have their "equity cards" so, have no doubt, it is a professional production.

For additional information, please email me using the button below.

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